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Beet offers link building, also known as off-page SEO, as part of a long-term programme where we help clients to attract links from other websites. Link building is one of the three components of SEO, along with content SEO and technical SEO. Read about how Beet can help your company with link building.


- Long-lasting improvement in rankings
- Greater potential for maintaining high rankings
- Minimised risk of your website being penalised in search results
- Increased long-term traffic
- A stronger domain

What is SEO link building?

Link building is a process where you get other websites to link to your website. If many other websites link to a specific website, then that site is regarded as authoritative in the area defined by the keywords, giving it a high ranking on Google.
Link building increases your website's authority from an SEO perspective over time, increasing the likelihood of a top ranking. Links to your website, in terms of number, relevance and link strength, have a huge impact on how it will rank in search results for relevant, high-competition keywords. All links built by Beet are of high value and relevance to the landing page.

Although it has been over 20 years since links became a major factor in search results rankings, they remain just as important today. However, Google has put a lot of work into refining its algorithms and made it significantly more difficult to improve performance by artificially attracting links, for example through mass submissions to web directories or comment fields in blogs. Nowadays, you can easily be penalised for poor link building and thus fall significantly in search engine rankings.

It is therefore essential to work with an SEO agency that knows how to build links that do not damage your search engine ranking. Beet can help you with link building to improve your ranking in search results and avoid negative impacts.

Link building increases the authority of your website over time

Who needs link building?

Most websites need link building, but especially those that have few links to their website compared with their competitors. Having too few links to your site makes it very difficult to rank highly for relevant, popular keywords, no matter how well you optimise your site with on-page SEO.

Strategic link building

As part of our content SEO work, we also work with strategic link building. It is integral to the content strategy in order to naturally attract links by publishing engaging and relevant content. By working strategically with links, you get high-quality, organic links that point to your domain.
Working with link building with Beet gives your website numerous advantages, especially if your website does not currently have many links pointing to it:

  • It improves your ranking generally for your keywords in the long term
  • It improves your ranking for your primary keywords
  • It minimises the risk of your website being penalised in the search results

Beet's link building services

Link building is one of the factors in SEO that requires the longest time to achieve results. It is therefore important to carry out link building measures every month for at least a year. We can of course tailor the link building tasks according to your needs and your resources. Our continuous link building work normally looks like this:

  • We analyse a large number of websites where your customer target group is found. The websites must have many readers, have many qualitative links of their own and be relevant in relation to your website
  • We deliver relevant articles that contain a natural link to your website
  • Articles are published and remain available for the foreseeable future

Our link building focus is primarily on SEO value rather than traffic through readers clicking on the link. However, as a bonus, you will get some traffic from readers clicking on the link, because the websites we seek to cooperate with must have a lot of readers.

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