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SMS is a digital marketing channel that generates high levels of engagement if it is managed correctly. SMS text messaging is an immensely popular communication channel that is a cost-effective way to build your brand, as the opening rate is extremely high.

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- Send relevant content to customers
- Cost effective marketing
- Brand building
- High opening rates
- Personalised marketing
- A popular communication channel

What is SMS marketing?

Like e-mail marketing, SMS marketing enables you to reach the people on your customer list in a very simple and direct way. Please note that before you can start marketing by SMS, you need to obtain customers’ consent and, as with e-mail marketing, you must give customers the possibility to unsubscribe.

Using your own customer data, you can create relevant and personalised text messages. You can send text messages containing discount coupons, reminders that an offer is about to end, information about time-limited offers or competitions, invitations to events and so on.

Your message should be clear and concise. The standard length of an SMS text message is 160 characters. You can include a link to a landing page on your website where more information is available or put the discount code in the message. If you use unique campaign links and discount codes in your text messages, you can easily measure the results of each campaign.

SMS is a popular communication channel and has a whopping 98% opening rate, while 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes

Why is SMS advertising an important marketing channel

SMS is a quick way to reach out to your customer database. Benefits of including SMS in your marketing mix include:


Depending on which SMS provider you choose, the cost per text message may vary slightly. However, the cost per contact for SMS marketing is low.


With SMS, you can reach out to your customer list as often as you want - whether it's once a month or every day. It is an important channel as it is top of mind.


SMS is a popular communication channel and has a whopping 98% opening rate, while 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes. This means that you can communicate with people in your customer database quickly, knowing that they will take in the information to a high degree.


It is crucial that you segment your customer database so that your messages are relevant to the recipients. If your segmentation is poor, there is a greater risk that recipients will choose to unsubscribe. With a good customer database, you can segment according to location, gender, purchasing behaviour and much more.



SMS text messages have an opening rate of 98%.



90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes.



75% of people want to receive text messages about special offers.

Different types of SMS

SMS can be used for many types of text message, including:

- SMS for automatic reminders
For example, you can send reminders about an upcoming appointment or that it is time to return a book to the library.

- SMS for marketing
With segmented and personalised messages, you can reach your customer database extremely efficiently. For example, you can send personal discount codes or information about a time-limited offer.

- SMS for delivery notifications
You can send a text message when the customer's purchase is available for collection at your shop or at a collection point.

- SMS for invitations
You can send a notification or a reminder about an upcoming event that is likely to be of interest.

Goals for test message marketing

SMS marketing goals vary from company to company, and often each individual SMS has its own goal. Common goals include:

  • Sales
  • Reminders e.g. about appointments
  • Brand building
  • Driving traffic to specific web pages or events

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How Beet works with SMS advertising

There are many SMS providers to choose from, and we tailor our work to your needs and resources. We can help you with system selection, integration, strategy, production of a single SMS or all your SMS campaigns and much more. Each client is unique, so we always begin with a comprehensive needs analysis.

Step 1

Needs analysis, where we look at your specific needs. Do you have an existing system with support for SMS or do you need to choose and implement a system from scratch?

Step 2

Determine KPIs, goals, frequency etc. and how to follow up.

Step 3

Review what resources you have within your company and agree what Beet should do and what you should do.

Step 4

Implementation - depending on what you need help with, we will now get to work.

Step 5

Reporting - at least once a month, we report on how the channel has performed in relation to the agreed goals and KPIs.

Combining SMS with other channels

There are a number of synergies between SMS marketing and other digital channels. One obvious example is that you can send out a text message with a limited-time offer to customers who have not opened your e-mail about the same offer. However, customers who have opened the email and read the content do not need to receive a text message.

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